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Hedgehogs are beautiful and intelligent animals but like any other pet they require the correct care and attention. Understanding their needs fully before purchasing one is vital in order to be able to care for them properly. They require appropriate housing, fresh food, water, toys and lots of handling.



A hedgehogs staple diet generally consists of a mix of at least 3 good quality dried chicken/turkey based cat biscuit. This should be refreshed daily and always provided with a bowl of fresh water. My mix is shown below.This mix should not be changed whilst growing.


To ensure a healthy and varied diet my hogs are also fed on a selection of meat including Cooked Mince, Chicken and Lamb. As well as lots of fruit and vegetables including Pear, Apple, Melon, Strawberries, Carrot, Cucumber and Broccoli. They can also be fed things such as boiled or scrambled egg and mashed potato; however it is important to exclude any dairy products (i.e. milk, butter).

Other treats they enjoy include mealworms, crickets, locust, roaches and wax worms, these needs feeding sparingly as they have a high fat content. Insects are sprinkled with calci dust to boost calcium intake.


This should be of a good size - min 4ft x 18”  vivarium  and kept indoors, heated. It should be spot cleaned daily and fully cleaned once a week. 

A 12"  wheel for exercise is essential - please note I only allow my hoglets to use  TicTac wheels or Carolina Storm wheels .As is suitable bedding, of which there are many different types. I find fabric pouches and liners to be the easiest once your hog is litter trained.

The recommended  housing is a Vivarium which you can decorate in varied and creative ways. They are the best enclosure to heat and keep your hog safe. PLEASE NOTE a picture of your set up will be required to ensure it is suitable for a hedgehog. If it is not suitable I wil not let you collect your hoglet.

For more detailed information please either Contact Me. or you can download a Tiggyhogs Care Pack.

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