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Tiggyhogs has been boarding hogs for many years, but now we have a page to shout about it!
Every hog owner wants to know that their hedgehog will be looked after and taken care of when you have to leave them. This is where Tiggyhogs Hotel can help. Years of breeding, rearing and raising hedgehogs, coupled with eveything a hog needs for a great holiday, tigghogs provides peace of mind so you and your hog can enjoy your holidays.
The price is £6 a day with drop off and pick up days also being charged. 50% non refundable deposit is required when booking , the rest of the charge  for this service is  payable on arrival. 
There is a special hedgehog only room where each hog gets their own vivarium or zoozone with a wheel, fleece liner, house, blanket and toys. Nail clipping and baths are included if required during the stay.

Any specially requirements need to be discussed before booking.

Contact us at Tiggyhogs to see about spaces and availability.

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